RefWorks Cancellation

Unfortunately, following a period of consultation on subscriptions managed by the Library and Archives Service, a decision has been made not to renew the RefWorks software licence. You will not be able to access RefWorks, or any of the references stored in it, after 30th September 2017.

You will not be able to edit or reformat any in-text citations or reference lists in documents created with the RefWorks add-in Write-N-Cite after 30th September 2017.  So please ensure your documents are fully formatted and finalised.  For any works-in-progress, you will need to replace in-text citations with a link to the reference in your new chosen reference manager.

Mendeley is an alternative reference management tool and we can provide user guides and training sessions on how to use this tool.
If you wish to keep the references stored in your RefWorks account, you will need to save them to a file. You can then import this file into a different reference manager in the future.  References created in RefWorks can be transferred into Mendeley. 

For more information about this cancellation, to discuss alternative tools, or to book a one-to-one appointment with your academic support librarian, please email libsupport@bangor.ac.uk

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