Resource of the month: July 2017: Oxford Reference Online

Oxford Reference provides a collection of over 230 electronic books including academic subject, language, and quotations Dictionaries, and in-depth, specialised Encyclopaedias and Companions.

Includes up to date editions of the World Encyclopaedia, the Oxford Dictionary of English, A Dictionary of Environment and Conservation, A Dictionary of British History, The Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists, A Dictionary of Law, A Dictionary of Nursing,  A Dictionary of Energy Science, An A-Z Guide to Shakespeare, A Dictionary of British Place Names, and many more…..

To access the Collection, type Oxford Reference Online into Library
Search and click on the entry labelled “Oxford Reference Premium Online” and follow the link to the full text.  You can browse the full collection, but not all material is available to staff and students at Bangor, so to browse we recommend you click on the link on the left-hand side labelled “Show books in my subscription”.  Or do a search for content by typing into the search box at the top right corner; this will bring back sections of books or pages that are relevant.


RefWorks Cancellation

Unfortunately, following a period of consultation on subscriptions managed by the Library and Archives Service, a decision has been made not to renew the RefWorks software licence. You will not be able to access RefWorks, or any of the references stored in it, after 30th September 2017.

You will not be able to edit or reformat any in-text citations or reference lists in documents created with the RefWorks add-in Write-N-Cite after 30th September 2017.  So please ensure your documents are fully formatted and finalised.  For any works-in-progress, you will need to replace in-text citations with a link to the reference in your new chosen reference manager.

Mendeley is an alternative reference management tool and we can provide user guides and training sessions on how to use this tool.
If you wish to keep the references stored in your RefWorks account, you will need to save them to a file. You can then import this file into a different reference manager in the future.  References created in RefWorks can be transferred into Mendeley. 

For more information about this cancellation, to discuss alternative tools, or to book a one-to-one appointment with your academic support librarian, please email libsupport@bangor.ac.uk

Pennant Tours Internship

Daisy Wrightson is a BA Music Undergraduate at Bangor University who has just started on a 4 week internship with the Library and Archives Service. She will be working on a pilot digitisation project centred on the extra-illustrated volumes of “A Tour in Wales” by Thomas Pennant. These rare volumes record the journey made by Pennant through Wales between 1773 and 1776.

Week 1
I am half way through my first week working on the internship and have already made some progress. I have always been fascinated by history and archival techniques but was a bit intimidated when I first got to see the 4 volumes of Pennant’s Tours.

Over the next few weeks I will be looking into the people behind the artwork and engravings in the volumes as so little is known about the original artists, engravers, copyist and colourist.

Some of the illustrations from the volumes have been photographed already, with no information linking them to the volumes. Therefore the first task was to link the digitised images to the volumes and recording the page numbers of the plates and their relative position compared to an alternative edition (produced for the “mass-market”) which is a 2 volume print edition of “A tour in Wales”. All the data that I have gathered is recorded in a spreadsheet.

It will take some time for me to establish where all the digitised images belong, before I move on to the next step of the project – uploading the images onto eprints.


Print Journal Usage

Newer issues of journals will now have a slip on the cover asking you to tick a box every time you use the journal.

Your cooperation would be much appreciated, as we are doing this to compile an accurate picture of which journals are actually being used.


HeinOnline upgraded to UK Core

Our HeinOnline subscription has been upgraded to “UK Core”.
No content has been removed, and we will gain access to the unique content of “UK Core”
In addition to our previously subscribed content, “UK Core” includes the following databases:

•    Legal Dictionaries
•    Foreign Relations of the United States
•    History of International Law

IOPscience Extra

We now have access to the entire IOPscience database. New resources include:

The Complete IOP journal archive
The Astrophysical Journal and other American Astronomical Society (AAS) titles
The Physics World Archive
Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express

and many others.