Library Ambassadors


Get paid to help us make your library the best place it can be.

Student Library Ambassadors will be teamed up with Academic Support Librarians to work on small projects and to co-ordinate how the Library and Archives Service obtains student feedback. This will involve liaising with Course Reps and students across the University as well as attending regular meetings with Library and Archives Service staff. You will have influence over how the Library and Archives Service develops to improve services for students, and will play a vital role in the long-term efforts to improve communication between students and the Library and Archives Service. The role will take approximately 2 - 3 hours per week. You’ll be paid £300 in two one-off fees of £150: one payable in December and the other payable in April. This is a great chance to add some fantastic skills to your CV, including: communication skills, teamwork, market research, and helping to develop service innovation. You will also be able to use the experience to gain HEAR and BEA and will have access to a wide range of training that will develop your skills further. The ability to communicate through the medium of Welsh is desirable for this post. Two Ambassadors will be appointed to each of the three Bangor site Libraries (Main, Adeilad Deiniol and Normal) and one Ambassador for Wrexham.


  • Closing date for applications is 5th October
  • Interviews will be held on 12th October
  • Training will take place on 16th October

Interested? What next?

Download the role description.

Check you are available for the set training and interview dates. Please send us your CV along with a statement in support of your application (maximum of 1,000 words). You are advised to link your statement to the role description provided. Please provide specific examples outlining why you think you are suitable for this role, including the skills and experience that you have. Should you need it, you can get advice on how to write a personal statement from the Careers and Employability Team in Student Services. Send your CV and supporting statement to Mairwen Owen, Academic Support Librarian, (mairwen.owen@bangor.ac.uk) by 5.00 pm on Monday 5th October.

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