Upgrade to Ovid and Medline

Ovid MEDLINE 2015
The annual reload occurred on January 12th. The reload included the following changes:
Changed fields for Ovid MEDLINE
  • Institution (IN) - Display of this field visually enhanced.
  • Author NameID (AI) - To include full author name and link to ORCID number. See NLM information
  • Investigator Affiliation (IA) - See NLM information
  • Abstract (AB) and Other Abstract (OA)- Moved ‘Copyright’ from AB and OA fields into a new searchable ‘Copyright Information’ (CR) field.
  • Authors Full Name (FA) - Will display once, and not repeat in the Institution field.
New Limit in Journal Subset:
  • Population Information Citations
  • OLDMEDLINE Citations

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