Journals A-Z listings

As of 17th June 2013, in order to simplify the library catalogue and associated web-pages, the Journals A-Z list has been removed. You can browse and search for print and electronic journals via the library catalogue.

If you know the title of the particular journal you want, type it into the library catalogue search box, then use the search options on the left-hand side menu to narrow down your results to print or electronic journal, see this video clip for a demonstration of this.

Advanced Search is the simplest way to browse a list of journals via the catalogue. Select "keyword" from the drop-down menu box and type in a search area of interest and then choose format: e-journal and format: print journal. When you get your list of results click on title to sort alphabetically by title. See this video clip for a demonstration of this search.

If you need further assistance please contact the Academic Support Team: libsupport@bangor.ac.uk

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