Changes to Digimap

During the summer break, there are going to be some important changes to all the Digimap Roam interfaces:

Message from EDINA:

The Look:
* We are updating the interfaces so that there will be very few differences between them; they will all have the same colour scheme.
* The interfaces will also all use the same set of buttons which will be clearer and easier to use.

* We will be adding print sizes up to A0 and user defined scales to all the Roams.
* We are making it easier to find alternative themes or map products for a given view, including new themes for smaller scale maps.
* We are also working on allowing extra layers of data to be added to any map, including hill shading, contours, postcodes and other administrative boundaries.

 If you want a preview then come along to Geoforum on the 20th of June where we will be showing the new Roam interfaces and taking you through what is changing. For more details and to book your place at Geoforum, please go to this page: http://edina.ac.uk/events/geoforum2013/

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