Recently Purchased Items for the Special Collections

The Library and Archive service is pleased to announce the latest acquisitions to its special collections. The acquisition of two volumes of Gregynog Press publications provides a significant contribution as well as filling a void in its major holdings of works by this important Welsh press. The Book entitled “250 Views of North Wales” documents some of the major local landmarks as seen during the early nineteenth century, while “Gems of Welsh melody” is an important addition to the library’s collection of Welsh music and works by John Owen, also known by his bardic name Owain Alaw Pencerdd. (1821- 1883). John Owen was a respected Welsh language poet, baritone vocalist, accompanist and musician. The book entitled “Origines Genealogicae” will greatly support any research interests in the field of Genealogy and heraldry.

 Lyrics and Unfinished Poems by Lascelles Abercrombie ~ Montgomeryshire, Wales: Gregynog Press
 The Revelation of Saint John the Divine ~ Montgomeryshire, Wales : Gregynog Press, [1932]

 250 Views of North Wales by Henry Sandoe ~ Bodfor Street & High Street Rhyl

Gems of Welsh melody. A selection of popular Welsh songs, with English and Welsh words; specimens of pennilion singing, after the manner of North Wales; and Welsh national airs, ancient and modern. With symphonies and accompaniments for piano or harp. Arranged by John Owen (Owain Alaw) ~ London : Simpkin, Marshall, [1873]

Origines Genealogicae; or, the sources English Genealogies may be traced from the conquest to the present time. By Stacey Grimaldi. ~ London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, Paternoster Row, [1828]

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