CAB Direct is coming to the University on Monday (29th April 2013)

Are you a student, researcher or lecturer studying/working in:

  • Agriculture
  • Environmental Science
  • Public Health

Stop by the CAB Direct in the Deiniol Library 12.30-1.30am on Monday (29th April 2013) to find out: How CAB Direct can help with your work and learn some time-saving search techniques.

CAB Direct will also be hosting two training sessions which will provide an overview of the session interface through a live demonstration. And will also cover the advanced features of the database, will provide useful tips on how to get the best results, and will provide an opportunity to discuss specific search strategies related to topics and subjects of interest.

CAB Abstracts database: Monday 29th April: Thoday G23 11.00-12.00 Global Health database: Monday 29th April: Room 6 Fron Heulog: 2-3pm

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