Important Update re Endnote: Endnote Licenses not available much longer / Endnote Web currently not working

Endnote is a reference manager which was used at Bangor University, before a decision was made to buy and support RefWorks some years ago. There are two versions: Endnote (computer based) and Endnote Web (online).

1. Endnote (computer based): The library stopped buying Endnote some years back, and therefore the license has not been updated since Endnote 9. There are 15 Endnote 9 licenses available for use on Windows XP machines at present (via IT services), but these will no longer be available when IT Services update to Windows 7 this month (August 2012). If you are using Endnote, you need to move your references to another reference manager (the library buys and supports Refworks).

2. Endnote Web (online): At present, Endnote Web is not allowing users to login due to an ongoing technical issue beyond the library’s control, we are attempting to get this resolved but with no success as yet. Therefore at present, we are unable to offer access to Endnote Web.

If you have any questions please contact Vashti at v.zarach@bangor.ac.uk or Jenny at j.greene@bangor.ac.uk.

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Beth Hall said...

Technical issues have been resolved, EndNote Web is available to use via the Web of Knowledge database. You can access it by clicking on the My EndNote link in any Thomson WoK database, or by visiting the dedicated link in the Library Catalogue for EndNote Web http://unicat.bangor.ac.uk/record=e1000570~S1