Important News about our ebooks

In October 2011, Bangor University Library committed £105,000 to a new model of ebook purchasing called Patron Driven Acquisition or PDA.

Over 80,000 ebook records have been loaded into the Library Catalogue and made available to staff and students for browsing. These ebooks are not owned by the Library. Instead, they are rented out on a 24 hour loan basis. Each 24 hour loan incurs a charge to the Library (usually about 10% of the total cost of the ebook). Once an ebook has been loaned four times, it is deemed an ‘in demand’ title and is automatically purchased and added to our ebook collection in perpetuity.

Of the 80,000 ebooks made available via the Library Catalogue, over 759 have been automatically purchased outright, with a further 8,852 generating short term loans of one or more days. In total, there have been 34,523 title requests since 1 October 2011.

The deposit of £105,000 has now been spent, and so any ebooks not purchased outright throughout the course of the patron driven period will no longer be visible in the Library Catalogue and available for loan.

If you find that there are titles to which you previously had access that are no longer available, please contact the Library and we can investigate methods of adding the titles to our collection.

We hope to repeat the PDA exercise again and are currently gathering data to support our proposal, so any feedback you might have on how useful you have found this method of enhancing our ebook collection would be welcomed.

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