Some end of year statistics on Science

Science is one of our top two most popular electronic journals for the third year running.

Below are a couple of summary reports on usage throughout 2011 (click on the report images to magnify them):
  1. Total usage for the year

  2. The five articles with the highest usage for the year
It is also possible to analyse article usage by topic.  Of a total of 82,782 articles available online in 2011, 7,699 of these were accessed a total of 20,598 times throughout the year.  The topic with the highest number of unique articles accessed was Ecology with 1,046 unique articles accessed - nearly 30% of the total number of articles available for Ecology.  After Ecology, the next five most popular topics were:
  • Neuroscience (591 unique articles accessed)
  • ATM Oceans (502 unique articles accessed)
  • Evolution (378 unique articles accessed)
  • Genetics (318 unique articles accessed)
  • Geochemistry/Geophysics (312 unique articles accessed)

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