Merry Christmas from all at Deiniol Library

Many of you may know that the Deiniol Library was once a school. The Bangor Central School opened in 1936 and was later known as Bangor Secondary Modern.

Between 1929 – 1952 the children produced a school magazine which offers a facinating snapshot of life in Bangor during these years, including how the children helped in the fields during the war effort in a facinating account entitled ‘The Caterpillar corps’ which describes their efforts to rid the fields of caterpillars to protect crops including cabbages. Some of the stories and poems written in this publication are currently displayed on a notice board in the Deiniol Library for all to see.

As Christmas draws near I thought I would share a Christmas poem written by Form 1A pupil Harry Williams which strangely appears in the summer issue of 1952.

Merry Christmas from all at the Deiniol Library.


Put up the holly and deck the tree, 
Make garlands gay for all to see, 
Stir the pudding and ice the cake, 
And pack the presents ready to take 
To your friends on Christmas morning. 
Send off the greeting cards which say 
A Happy Christmas to those far away, 
Then wait till Santa pays his call 
On sleeping children, big and small 
Bringing gifts for Christmas morning

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Amy, Library Assistant @ Deiniol said...

Oh that poem is simply gorgeous :) Wonder where Form 1A pupil Harry Williams is now?
Merry Christmas everyone, today's my last day at work before the holidays but I'm really going to miss dear old Deiniol library!

**A Brief Ode to Christmas at Deiniol**

Christmas time is almost here,
Bangor Uni' brings good cheer,
So gather 'round the Christmas tree
In our Deiniol Library!