Lots of new ebooks in the Library Catalogue

You will have noticed that when browsing some of the ebooks from our library catalogue that after about 5 minutes of reading online, a pop-up window appears and you are asked if you wish to continue reading.

If you choose 'yes' at this point, the Library incurs a charge (the amount is identified in the full record of the book) and you will receive access to the ebook for a 24 hour period.

If the charge to loan an ebook is over a specified amount, then you may receive a message advising that the Library has been contacted to approve the loan. If this is the case, you should receive an email back from us within 24-36 hours.

In order to keep Library costs to a minimum, and allow us to buy more books on your behalf, we encourage you to make best use of the free 5 minute browse period to decide if you really want to loan or download the ebook. If you do decide to continue reading, then you have 24 hours to read the book before your loan expires.

Please also be aware that each library user is only entitled to a limited number of 'charged' ebook loans per day.

  • Choose Read Online rather than Download 
  • First 5 minutes of Read Online is free
  • Use the free 5 minute browse period to decide if you wish to continue reading the ebook
  • If you continue, the book is available to you for 24 hours

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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