My Work Experience in Bangor Library & Archives

By Lukas Zach, from the Medical University of Vienna
I am currently attending a course on librarianship at Austria’s National Library and thus have to do a work experience at another library than the Medical University’s. I decided to apply in Bangor for several reasons. First, I studied Celtic Studies at the University in Vienna and wrote my master’s thesis on two middle-welsh texts from the 14th century, and second, because I’ve always wanted to do some work abroad, see how other libraries work, which IT-systems they use and so on.
So, after having received a positive answer to my application from Mr. David Learmont, I started off for Bangor, beginning my work placement on August 1st.
After my arrival and a short tour through the library by very friendly members of staff, I was told that I would be spending most of my time here at the Archives and Special Collections.
During the next three weeks I did a lot of different work, from reading and cataloguing of old diaries and journals to interesting work with old deeds and manuscripts of the Penrhyn Collection in the archives. I was able to get a glimpse of everyday business in a University archive as well as have very interesting talks with members of staff from the different departments. Such seldom chances of international exchange among colleagues can prove very fruitful and I have been able to get new insights and points of view on certain topics.
Besides from working in the Archives, I also spent some time in the Special Collections and the Welsh Library, which turned out to be very interesting, also considering my personal interest in Welsh culture and history. Amongst other things, I helped in compiling and writing bibliographical lists on Welsh emigrants as this seems to be a topic of great interest at the current time.
All in all I can say that I’ve very much enjoyed my work placement here at Bangor University’s Archives and Special Collections and that I have gathered a lot of useful and interesting knowledge throughout these last three weeks. I’m glad I chose to come here and see a little bit of how things are done outside Austria.
I would like to thank all the helpful and very nice members of staff that I have encountered here, it was a real pleasure and fun having worked with you during my short stay here!

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